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Holly's recommended

Historical Tacky Christmas Lights 2004


(With a name like Holly, how could I not recommend Christmas Lights???)
Last Updated 16-Jan-2008

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The following map was reproduced from the Fairfax Journal Newspaper dated 12/22/1998 and modified to represent my favorites...


Christmas 2004

I have received many correspondences regarding the site and status of light displays.  I have added a new print version of this page without photos to make it easier to get a listing of the houses.  I am also noting on the print version which homes I have already visited and they're decorating status. Thanks to all who have written me with their comments/information, I appreciate your help.

Lighted Boat Parades

Decided to try something new this year.  I attended the 5th annual Holiday Parade of Boats in Alexandria, Va. on Dec. 4, 2004 5:30pm-6:30pm.  Was worth the trip. Need to get there early to get parking. The boats parade by twice incase you arrive late. I also attended the 22nd season of the Eastport Yacht Club's Lighted Boat Parade in Annapolis, Md. on Dec 11, 2004 6-8pm.  Highly recommended. Well worth the trip. Made the boats in Alexandria look like paupers. Also went to Sandy Point State Park Lights on the Bay, Drive-thru light display.  Different displays from other light shows but I wouldn't drive all the way there just for the light show.  Miracle of Lights at Bull Run and Winter Lights Festival at Seneca Park are much better.

Photographic Tour of Tacky Christmas Lights
No relevance to numerical order.

  1. 5811 Ash Drive, Springfield
    Nice layout, lots of lights and lighted figures, some blowups, also many lighted wire deer
    Needs to put more lights on the house
    Two large pines across street decorated with huge multi-color lights adds to display
    Ride down Craig Street to see other homes


  2.  3309 Prosperity Avenue, Fairfax
    New display with lots of lights and things in the yard.
    House across the street also very decorated. Both put off a nice glow.


  3.  10333 Lee Manor Drive, Manassas  (Prince William County)
    They took a break from decorating this year (2004) but plan to be back next year with new displays.
    Visit their website to see past displays.


  4. 3608 Old Post Road, Fairfax City

    Very tacky but, I love the unique things (carousel, helicopter) in the 
    front. Back yard is also decorated. Go around the block to see it.


  5. 7704 Wilbur Court, Springfield
    Several herds of white wired deer backed by multi-colored lights including the backyard


  6. 2122 Galloping Way, Vienna
    Wide yard with decorations spread from end-to-end.
    All white lights and wooden cut-outs set up in various scenes.


  7. 1746 block Pimmit Drive
    2000 block Storm Drive, Falls Church

    Prior to 2003
    My favorites, have visited for years 
    Pimmit Drive has a house with homemade animated wooden decorations, 
    Have watched them add new items thru the years
    Santa appears here in mid December

    2003 - Major change on Pimmit Drive, wooden decorations replaced by
    large inflatables. (Someone stole one already - bah humbug)
    2004 - Back to animated wooden decorations but display substantially reduced in size
    Other homes in the Pimmit Neighborhood


  8. 1713 N. Quebec Street, Arlington

    A small yard jam-packed full of lights and lighted figures set up in various displays.
    I like the large Thomas the Tank Engine being boarded by a multitude of lighted Santa figures.
    Also liked all the different colored trees and the polar bear/penguin display.


  9. 6283 Wills St, Alexandria
    Several groupings of lighted figures backed by multi-colored lights
    Loved the Penguin and Polar Bear group and the gingerbread group. A forest of lighted trees


  10. 6634 South Kings Highway, Alexandria


    My son in front of this popular house,
    Has a small working train for giving the little ones a ride
    Other houses on Memorial Street


  11. 128 Nutley Street, N.W.,  Vienna

    Again very pretty with use of different colors for different objects...lots of blue lights (my favorite color)
    These pictures do NOT do it justice. The lights are abundant and wide spread but subtle...


  12. 3912 and 3917 Lincolnshire Street, Arlington

    Another of my favorites...
    Two houses directly across the street from each other try to outdo each other,
    one with lights and the other with lighted figures...What a Sight!! 
    Always makes me happy to see these.


  13. 2507 Fairview Drive, Alexandria

    What a glow! Very beautiful from a distance, Candy canes all over the trees Roof lights and house outline with icicle lights is overwhelming.  Lots of lighted figures.

    2003 - Major change (like Pimmit Drive) some lights and lighted figures replaced by large inflatables. 
    Overdone to the MAX!!! I vote
    TACKIEST of 2003!!!! He is the KING of the Inflatables!!! 
    He must have one of every kind available. The right property line was lined with intermixed Santas and Snowmen.
    The roofs was covered with inflatables, and there is still lots of lights...

    A neighborhood house on Hillside Lane (son of Fairview)

    12/21/04 - Met Mr. & Mrs. Fairview Drive and son. A real pleasure!
    He's been doing this for 35 years. Has a miniature village in picture window on porch.
    Everything he can't fit in his yard is displayed in son's yard on Hillside Lane.
    Also does a major Halloween display. 


  14. 1601 Collingwood Road, Mount Vernon


    Extremely large house and yard with beautifully done lights everywhere! 
    I loved the ground cover done in green lights with the larger red (berry) lights.
    I want to do that to my holly tree at the end of our driveway. Also, many groups of lighted deer figures.


  15. East Juniper Avenue, Sterling (Loudon County)

    Everyone on this entire street gets into the act and it's like one of those drive-thru light shows. I loved the variety.  
    One yard was set up as a seascape with Santa in a sail boat.
    Another had large wooden Peanuts characters.
    Santa will be there Dec. 16-23, 2004



  16. Hi-Tech Transmissions, 8633 Lee Hwy, Fairfax

    This business has been putting lighted figures on their roof for years
    The definition of tacky...I love it!!
    2004 - They cut down the pine tree and have the lighted figures on the lawn.  It's not the same.
    I'm going to go talk to them about putting things back on the roof.


  17. Miracle of Lights, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville
    The annual Miracle of Lights Holiday Drive-Thru Light Show opens on Friday, November 16th at Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, Virginia. A drive through the wooded and winding park will elicit plenty of oohs and aahs as visitors enjoy peacocks, Santa and his elves and reindeer, wood nymphs and more. The display runs through Saturday, January 3, 2004 (except New Year's Eve) from 5:30-10:30 p.m. daily. Tickets are $12 per car or van, $25 for a commercial van and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Medical Care for Children Partnership. For more information, call 703-709-KIDS or visit

    Interested in finding more Light Shows? Click here.


    18.  10715 Shadow Lane, Fairfax Station
    Very large house and yard with property line and all outbuildings outlined in white

The Fairfax Journal usually publishes their light recommendations with map and directions within a week of Christmas.
Check your local newsstand starting on the 20th.

If you see other local displays you would recommend,
please email me at with the address
so I can check it out and add it to my list.  

Enjoy the COLORS and remember
Jesus is the reason for the season

A special thanks to all you home make the season bright...bless you...

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This web page would not have been possible without the information provided in the Fairfax Journal Newspaper.  

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