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Holly's Recommended Tacky Christmas Lights in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia
As of March 07, 2007 Display status in RED

  1. 5811 Ash Drive, Springfield
    Nice layout, lots of lights and lighted figures, some blowups, also many lighted wire deer.  Two large pines across street decorated with huge multi-color lights adds to display. 
    Decorated as of 12/16/06

  2.  3309 Prosperity Avenue, Fairfax
    Lots of lights and things in the yard.
    House across the street also very decorated.  Both put off a nice glow.

    Decorated as of 11/30/06

  3.  3622 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax City
    Multicolor lights on every object in the yard, trees and fences. Very colorful.
    Decorated as of 12/16/06

  4. 3608 Old Post Road, Fairfax City
    Very tacky but, I love the unique things (carousel, helicopter) in the front. Back yard is also decorated. Go around the block to see it.
    Decorated as of 12/09/06

  5. 7704 Wilbur Court, Springfield
    Several herds of white wired deer backed by multi-colored lights including the backyard
    Decorated as of 12/16/06

  6. 2122 Galloping Way, Vienna
    Wide yard with decorations spread from end-to-end.  All white lights and 2D wooden cut-outs set up in various scenes.
    10203 Lawyers Road, Vienna
    On Lawyers to the left where you turn onto Galloping Way. Hidden behind trees on road. Very beautiful layers of multicolored lights. Large decorated tree with groupings of animal figures in gated courtyard in front of house.
    10000 Garrett Rd, Vienna (corner of Lawyers)
    New for 2006 - Brightly lit white display with white 2D figures in yard.
    All Decorated as of 12/15/06

  7. 7723 Fisher Drive, Falls Church
    If Pimmit Hills is still having a contest, this one is the winner.
    Decorated as of 11/30/06

  8. 1713 N. Quebec Street, Arlington
    A small yard jam-packed full of lights and vintage lighted figures (blow molds) set up in various displays.
    I like the large Thomas the Tank Engine, an all-seasons yard decoration, being boarded by a multitude of lighted Santa figures.
    In 2006 it's a Santas crossing the Delaware. Also like all the different colored trees and the penguin display.
    Decorated as of 11/30/06

  9. 6283 Wills St, Alexandria
    Several groupings of lighted figures backed by multi-colored lights synchronized to music.  Loved the Penguin and Polar Bear group and the gingerbread group. A forest of lighted trees. Animated to music.
    Decorated - visited 11/24/06 for lighting party

  10. 6634 South Kings Highway, Alexandria    (corner of South Kings and Memorial)
    Very popular, well lit home.  Has lots of lights and patterns/colors change yearly. Has a small working train for giving the little ones a ride.

    Decorated as of 12/01/06

  11. 128 Nutley Street, N.W.,  Vienna  (1 block off Rt. 123 and Nutley St. intersection)
    Again very pretty with use of different colors for different objects...lots of blue lights. The lights are abundant and wide spread but subtle...
    Decorated as of 12/12/06

  12. 3912 & 3909 Lincolnshire Street, Annandale - Also Brookcrest Pl. and Patricia St.
    3912 is an all-time favorite...Lights and lighted figures cover every square inch of the yard, backyard decorated, too and gets bigger every year.
    All Decorated as of 12/12/06

  13. 2507 Fairview Drive, Alexandria
    Overdone to the MAX!!! He is the KING of the Inflatables!!! He must have one of every kind available. The roofs was covered with inflatables, and there is still lots of lights...
    6517 Hillside Lane, Alexandria
    Son of Fairview. Anything that doesn't fit at Fairview comes to Hillside Lane.

    Decorated as of 12/09/06

  14. 1601 Collingwood Road, Mount Vernon
    Extremely large house and yard with beautifully done lights everywhere! I loved the ground cover done in green lights with the larger red (berry) lights. Also, many groups of lighted deer figures. 2006 - Animated to music. Tune to 98.1FM.

    Decorated as of 12/12/06

  15. East Juniper Avenue, Sterling (east side of Sterling Blvd) (Loudon County)
    Everyone on this entire street gets into the act and it's like one of those drive-thru light shows. I loved the variety.  
    One yard was set up as a seascape with Santa in a sail boat. Another had large wooden Peanuts characters.
    1607 N. Amelia St., Sterling (west side of Sterling Blvd)
    Small colorful yard. House across street would be a nice compliment except there was too much flashing...
    BTW: Sterling Blvd has several nice houses....
    Decorated 12/15/06 (Box for canned food donations)

  16. 10715 Shadow Lane, Fairfax Station
    Very large house and yard (several acres) with property line and all outbuildings outlined in white
    Check out colorful 11003 Hampton Rd. just before Shadow Lane turn. Has bulls-eye on house.
    Decorated as of 12/16/06

  17. 5700 Claret Place, Centreville
    Corner lot encircled with candle and soldier lighted figures . Lots of lights and lighted figures some with animation
    and a few inflatables. Animated to music, 105.7FM.
    Decorated as of 12/09/06

  18. Lee Manor Dr, Manassas (Prince William County)
    Andy & Barb's Christmas Wonderland. Returned in 2006 after a two year hiatus.
    Decorated as of 12/09/06

  19. 6226 Stonehunt Place, Centreville (Little Rocky Run)
    I've never seen so many light strings going in so many directions. Reminds me of a spider web. You've got to see this to believe it.
    2006 - House behind on Stonehunt Ct. decorated with lots of lights and bright red candy canes lining driveway.
    Decorated as of 12/09/06

  20. 5509 Sequoia Farms, Centreville
    A ton of lights and figures. The yard is ringed by candy cane and candle lights. Lots of motion lights.
    Decorated as of 12/09/06

  21. 11303 Stones Throw Dr, Reston (corner of Fieldview and Stones Throw)
    A beautifully done home in twinkling white lights. Very tasteful and extravagant at the same time. The entire property and home is encircled with white trees and bushes. Every window of the house is perfectly outlined in white lights.
    Decorated as of 12/15/06

  22. 13897 Ferrara Ct, Chantilly
    Large collection of very unique wire-frames. Includes a Texas shaped one.
    Decorated as of 12/09/06

  23. Chantilly
    A colorful local version of last year's Wizards-of-Winter display seen on the internet. Tune to FM 97.7
    Decorated as of  12/18/06 - 5pm-8pm nightly - please don't drive or walk on neighbor's lawns, Thanks...

  24. 11610 Henderson Road, Clifton
    Love the colors but behind trees from road. Use small circle drive which goes behind trees to really see.
    Decorated as of 12/14/06

  25. 8209 Lorton Road, Lorton ( near where intersects with Silverbrook across from Shell station)
    Lots of unique wire-frames. Great display but hard to see from road because yard is below street level.
    Decorated 12/16/06

  26. 9905 Barbara Ann Lane, Fairfax
    Very colorful yard. Love the giant nutcracker/drummer. The Hi-Tech decorations have moved here....
    Decorated as of 12/16/06

  27. 5017 Swinton Dr, Fairfax
    Bright, multi-colored display. Arch-lights over driveway. Has a "Frosty's day care" display (big snowman with little ones) around front tree.
    Decorated as of 12/16/06

  28. 9117 Anderson Lane, Fort Belvoir
    The last of three architecturally similar homes all decorated with icicle lights. These folks love Christmas. The house is decorated inside and out.
    If you see him in the yard, ask to see the Christmas Village, a wonderful private display of his wife's collection.

    Decorated as of 12/16/06

  29. 949 Braymore Circle, Fairfax Station
    Small yard encircled with red and green candy canes. Couple of palm trees for good measure. Santa in sleigh with full compliment of 8 large reindeer. I like the nutcracker between garage doors.
    Decorated as of 12/16/06

  30. 5601 & 5604 Hereford Ct., Alexandria
    "Dueling Tackiness on Hereford Ct."...5601 has lots of multicolored lights around windows, house outlined, trees, front columns and a large Santa and reindeer on the roof. 5604 has lighted figures, blowups, candy canes, multicolor and white lights. Look for flamingo in the tree.
    Neighborhood has great Christmas spirit with lots of decorated homes. Check out the corner of Kingsbury and Broadmoor and 7716 Hayfield.
    Decorated as of 12/20/06

Honorable Mentions

9802 & 9804 Kirktree Ct, Fairfax

Corner of Fitzhugh St & Boothe Dr, Burke

33rd Street, Falls Church

2524 S. Winchester, Falls Church

5241 Richardson Dr, Fairfax

3422 Holly Rd, Fairfax

7208 & 7212 Backlick Rd, Springfield

8311 Guinevere, Fairfax

10023 Glenoak Ct, Vienna

Corner of 6103 Barros Court South and 6139/6141 Barros Drive,

Other display addresses received but, have yet to visit....

Hanover Heights Trl, Fairfax Station

15410 Wicker Ct, Woodbridge
(Loudoun County, 95S past Potomac Mills-too far for me)

Wellington Ave, Manassas
(across the street from the Vulcan Quarry maybe the 8600 block?).
It has a huge boat pulling a snowman on ski's.

7500 Forrester Lane, Manassas

9000 Tyler Ct, Manassas

Fyfe Ct, Fairfax

3111 Plantation Pkwy, Fairfax

Harwood Pl, Springfield
If you see other local displays you would recommend, please email me with the address so I can check it out and add it to my list.


Enjoy the colors of the season....Holly