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New in 2005...I built gates for the cemetery entrance.  They are 9 feet wide and 6 feet tall at the center.

I utilized the same basic plans as I used for the fence sections (see -


2 - 9' lengths of 1x2 lumber
6 - 10' lengths of 1/2" PVC pipe
A box of 1" wood screws
1-2 cans of flat black spray paint.
4 - 2' lengths of rebar


Electric Drill
7/8" spade drill bit
Assorted drill bits if you are using screws
Hacksaw or pipe cutter

I designed the gates on the fly with the idea that it would be tall in the middle and the same height as the fence on the ends.
Each side of the gate has seven rails ranging in size from 6 feet down to 3 1/3 feet.
(I was originally going to make it 5 feet tall but after cutting some pipe and sliding the pieces together, I realized there wasn't enough slope)

I cut the two 9 foot lengths of 1x2 lumber in half making four 4½ foot pieces.  Two are utilized for each side.

I cut the PVC pipe into 2 pieces each of the following sizes:      6 feet, 5½ feet, 5 feet, 4½ feet, 4 feet, 3 feet, and 3 feet.
(To save pipe, I cut two pipes at 6 foot and used the remainder for the 4 foot pieces, I cut one pipe in half for the two 5 foot pieces, I cut two pipes at 5 ½ feet and used the remainder for the 3 foot pieces. I used the last pipe to cut the two 3 foot pieces.)

I drilled the holes in the lumber for each rail using a 7/8" spade drill bit, spacing each 8" apart (measured from the center of the hole).
I slid all the pieces together and propped it up next to one of my fence sections.

Once I was finished all the cutting,  I painted all the pieces flat black.

I then put the pieces together lying on the ground, drilled pilot holes for the wood screws and screwed everything together.
(To make this go much faster/easier, I used two drills, one for drilling holes, the other for driving the screws.)


Display/Mounting Instructions

To mount the gates,  pound some 2' rebar into the ground and slide the PVC pipe over it.
You may have to loosen the bottom screw for the rails going over the rebar.
I use 2 pieces of rebar to secure each section of gate and also, for each fence section.
The gates will remain closed until Halloween night.

I wanted to make my own cemetery sign but don't have enough time this year so I bought a cheap one ($12) at a craft store.

Resulting Graveyard Changes

I decided to re-orient the graveyard entrance toward the road and have the trick-or-treaters actually walk through the graveyard to the door.
When leaving the house, they will exit out the driveway by the Mausoleum, Dungeon, Torture Chair and Gallows.

Now I need something to cover the drainage ditch next to the road. Maybe I'll buy/make a little wooden bridge.
With the re-orientation I realized I needed more fence sections (maybe next year). (see Bridge of Death)



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