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ART279 - 3D Computer Design II
Spring 2002 - NVCC - Giulio Porta

By Holly Zell

Art 279 is a Web-based course in various 3D graphic software packages.
This is my presentation of artwork created for the Art279.

Level Design

This project required using the Quake III Arena game engine for 3D architectural design visualization. The software product Q3Radiant was used to create the architecture. This project also included the use of Illusionae to create surface textures.


Web Animation

This project required creating web animations using two different software packages to complete the four assignments. Three of the assignment required the use of Macromedia's Flash. The fourth assignment required the use of Macromedia's Director software package. 



İHolly A Zell
Revised: September 22, 2007
All Original Artwork Copyrighted.