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ART279 - 3D Computer Graphics Design II
Spring 2002 - NVCC - Giulio Porta

Level Project Details

By Holly Zell

This project required using the Quake III Arena game engine for 3D architectural design visualization. The software product Q3Radiant was used to create the 3D architecture. This project also included the use of Illusionae to create surface textures.



The three different views available: xy, xz, and yz (top, side, front)


The Q3Radiant Screen




3D Architectural Design Visualizations Using Quake III Arena game engine

Room 1 with Lava pool from Player start point

Room 1 from middle showing bar window to Room 3 and opening to Room 2 on left

Looking from opening in room 1 at roof structure and pool in room 2

Looking from behind pool toward rest of Room 2

             Looking from roof structure towards living room area

Room 2 looking from far corner of roof structure towards room 3 stairs   
showing couch and chair frame textures created with Illusionae          
Note slightly different angle used on couch/chair arms vs backs           


           Living room furniture with fabric and wood textures created with Illusionae

Room 2 looking from upper right corner
Also showing wood texture on bookcase created using Illusionae

Room 3 viewed from entrance
Bar window on right looks into Room 1
Bar window behind table views outside sky
Picture hung on left wall

Showing wood texture                                        
Note differing directional patterns on stools                     


Looking from back corner to opening for room 2

Looking from left of opening  to room 3 back into room 2




Illusionae is a texture generation program. It generates tile-able 3D textures for use in other programs.
You create .TGA files and save them in the Q3Radiant BaseQ3 -Textures - Common Folder. 

Textures I Created Using Illusionae

Couch showing textures created with Illusionae                         
Note: different directional patterns on cushions                          


Dining Table showing wood texture created with Illusionae

  Bookcase showing wood texture created with Illusionae
                      Note different grain patterns on shelving


Textures Used in this Project

Room 2, Roof structure from above                              
Note tiling pattern of roof based on slope direction                    

         The Master's Chair

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İHolly A Zell
Revised: September 22, 2007
All Original Artwork Copyrighted.